Our Story

Lola's Beach Cantina was founded in November 2022 by Alex Hernandez, retired U.S. Air Force Veteran out of Langley Air Force Base, in partnership with long-time restauranteurs Aunt "Tia" Leticia Alonso and Brother Mario Hernandez Jr.

With the family originating from Jaliso, Mexico they wanted to infuse the traditional authentic Mexican cuisine they knew so well with other North and Latin American flavors. The name "Lola" was chosen in honor of Tia Leticia's mother and the brother's grandmother, but for the East Beach Community, it represents Family. 

As an innovative Latin-fusion restaurant, each dish is prepared to the highest standards with fresh ingredients.  From house-made salsas to handcrafted cocktails, we believe that food brings family together and it's our goal to bring the local community together — one guest at a time. 

Bienvenidos to Lola's Beach Cantina

 Where Friends are Family.